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Bringing together our favourite reads and the recipes they’ve inspired, our blog will satisfy hunger for both food and literature (our two favourite things). This is a place for those who imagine what the food described in their favourite books tastes like, or have a craving for boeuf en daube after reading To The Lighthouse. Books and food both have the ability to transport you to another realm without leaving your chair. We want to explore that magic and share it with our readers. Please let us know about your own experiences in the comments, and follow our journeys on Instagram and Twitter. Thanks for reading,

Marijke and Torben

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Marijke Terry


Marijke is a professional chef and food obsessive, originally from Toronto, living in London. After graduating with a BA in English Literature, she attended cooking school and began working her way up in restaurant kitchens. Her interest in food began by reading stacks of cookbooks and begging her parents to get her the ingredients to cook Nigella Lawson’s Spaghetti Carbonara (inspired by Nora Ephron’s Heartburn). She reads mainly contemporary novels and cookbooks.



Torben Robertson

writer, bookseller



Is a Canadian writer, living in London. He loves every kind of literature, but his favourite is poetry. Before moving to London, he worked as a chef, and though he now sells books for a living, he still loves cooking and eating.